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🎥 It’s nearly been a decade since the open source streaming and recording program “OBS” was released to the public. Prior to this, most streaming or indie broadcast software cost a lot of money or required prohibitive, proprietary hardware. 

OBS showed up and provide a free option that worked with (just about) any streaming site, or allowed for local recording. No proprietary hardware needed, no specific site required, anyone could use it for just about anything. With a vast amount of hardware supported from the start!

Since then, OBS has been re-released as “OBS Studio” and continues to lead the independent broadcast scene, used by tens (or hundreds) of thousands of streamers worldwide. OBS supports just about any hardware configuration you throw at it, and is expandable with plugins to continue to integrate new features beyond what just about any other broadcast program can support.

Maybe that’s why so many companies keep stealing from them?

Screen captured with OBS Studio, edited in Adobe After Effects.

Audio used from a “News Center 4” news report about the advent of the internet, circa. 1981 (here).

  • Tools Used: Adobe After Effects
  • Date: December 14, 2021

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