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bring home the fun

bring home the fun


🎮 Your childhood toy or game store probably doesn’t exist anymore. That sucks.
There’s a lot to be said about the problems of developing nostalgia for consumerism and purchasing goods – but for those of us who grew up needing escapism or a place to feel safe, we tie that back to our games and toys – and the places we wanted to get them from.

Funcoland. Bring Home The Fun.

Image edited with “Glitch Studio” on iOS. I know these “fake glitch” apps can be frowned upon, but I’m all about experimenting with the toys and tools that can get results I like.
Glitch Studio is one of many iOS apps that release for “free” but require a purchase to unlock full features. Unlike many of the other options I’ve tried, however, Glitch Studio actually gives you some tools and capabilities for free without paying. It can make some cool stuff!

  • Tools Used: Glitch Studio
  • Date Created: December 25, 2021
bring home the fun

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