Video Synthesis

{inside mind}


🧠 What’s inside your mind?
This piece – which turned into ~7 pieces – started out as some experimentation in the more ethereal realm of this kind of art, and wound up becoming a piece about thought disorder and self-love. My mind is often scattered, it’s hard to keep everything in check, and each of these pieces represent a different part of my mind – along with the struggle to still accept myself, despite the chaos.

Some compositing work was done in Adobe Photoshop. The rest of the compositing, neon graphics, etc. were created in Adobe After Effects. Final VFX were done via analog video synthesizer equipment and VHS tapes.
I had originally created a few variations with the intent of selecting one final option to publish, but I loved so many of these, I had to make them a set.

  • Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, VHS
  • Date Created: January 2, 2022
{inside mind}

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