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{don’t rewind}


YouTube Rewind was an incredible concept. Showcase and highlight the most exciting or top videos posted to the platform during that year. This was a great celebration of the creators, the content, the viewers, and the cultural phenomena (memes, trends, gimmicks, progress) that came from it.

Unfortunately, the bigger YouTube gets, the harder (or impossible) it becomes to quickly highlight everything that mattered in one quick video. The most recent YouTube Rewind releases end up showing a bunch of faces your average YouTube viewer won’t recognize at all, and even hardcore ones won’t know. There’s just so many creators and different niches and sub-groups.
How can the spirit of Rewind live on?

Image edited with “DestroyPix” on iOS. I know these “fake glitch” apps can be frowned upon, but I’m all about experimenting with the toys and tools that can get results I like.
DestroyPix is one of many iOS apps that release for “free” but require a purchase to unlock full features. Unlike many of the other options I’ve tried, however, DestroyPix actually gives you some tools and capabilities for free without paying. It’s SUPER simple, and doesn’t preserve transparency, but it worked for this specific use case.

  • Tools used: DestroyPix
  • Date Created: January 1, 2022
{don’t rewind}

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